The complete Italian food guide

An Italian food guide is very difficult to create for the simple reason that there are thousands of different dishes and sauces to write about. Each region has its own specialty Italian dish and its own secret sauce recipe. There are the popular Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, and lasagna that the world constantly raves about. But there are also hidden recipes that use the best of Caciocavallo, peconrino, different kind of creams, mascarpone parmingiano, olive oil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheeses. These ingredients are used to create some of the tastiest dishes using ravioli, tortellini and prosciutto.

Italian’s love for tasty food is evident from the wide range of dishes that they have on their menu. The food has evolved over the years and been influenced by a mix of diverse cultures and socio-cultural changes that have occurred in the country. Apart from this, the geographical locations and the climate of the place also play a key role in determining the kind of food Italians prepare.

The Vacationers Guide

So what will you order when you head to Italy for a vacation? Yes, Italian pasta is mouth watering, fills you up, and makes you happy; but are you yet to delved deeper into the culinary delights of the country?

Head to northern Italy for a taste of some of the most unique and sophisticated preparations involving meat, fish, and even rice. They have the polenta, the Risotto, as well as the sea food of Venice, which is rich in mollusks and crustaceans. Take note that Northern Italian cuisine is also influenced by French cooking.

Head to Southern Italy for tastes more influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. There you can find the sartu, the ragu, and the gatto, as well as a huge range of seafood to choose from. Apart from these dishes, it is also the land of the pasta and the pizza.

There are many publications that have released Italian food guides. You can browse them online. is a website that has some of the highest quality Italian food guides. Others are good as well. Simply select the one you like the most!