Gorging on Italian Food

Italy is a culinary delight loaded with tantalizing and mouthwatering dishes. Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world—every major city in the world has an Italian restaurant catering to that city’s love for Italian food.

When someone mentions Italian food, you might think Pizza or Pasta. Pizza is undoubtedly the most well known of Italian dishes. It is eaten in every part of the world. But more serious Italian food aficionados crave more than just a slice of Pizza. There’s tortellini, ravioli, lasagna, risotto, Carne cruda all’albese, etc. In fact, every region of Italy has its own specialty.

I have traveled to the best kitchens in the world, training my taste buds and sense of smell. It is the savory smell of Italian dishes using specialty sauces that refuse to leave my olfactory. The best part about Italian sauces if that there is one for every time of day, and every season of the year.

It’s the sauces that steal the show

The secret to all Italian specialties lies in their sauces. Some sauces are loaded with spices and herbs. Other sauces are made of the finest plum tomatoes, onion, and basil. Sometimes, the mere sight and smell of Italian specialties food with an all-natural kosher sauce can make you drool.

Sauces have been used in Italian cuisine for ages now. Many Italians use to make their sauces at home. Legend has it that many Italian sauce makers took their secret recipes with them to the grave. But as time evolved, some decided to tap into the popularity of their culinary art and turn their Italian sauces into commercial products.

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