The choice is huge when it comes to Italian gift baskets

Italian food is immensely popular all around the world, and pizza is just one small part of Italian cuisine. If you combine the popularity of pizza and pasta, you will begin to realize the true popularity of this country’s cuisine.

However, more serious Italian food aficionados have a lot more to choose from. It is no wonder than Italian gift baskets are becoming popular all around the globe. With the festive season round the corner, Italian food baskets are in high demand. You need to ensure that you book yours well in advance to avoid disappointment!

What can you include in an Italian food basket?

You can include everything from pasta to pastrami. If you want your gift to include the real flavor of Italy, then you might consider including the regional dishes. Schiacciata, balsamic vinegar, minestrone soup, and sfogliattele are some items worth adding to your Italian gift basket.

Sauces to match

An ideal Italian gift basket will contain not only the dishes but also the sauces to match. So look for gift baskets that have sauces in them. There are some websites which have Italian sauces for sale. is one of them. It has a huge range of gourmet Italian sauces which can enhance the taste of every Italian dishes you plan to make. Made from the freshest ingredients, these sauces can bring the real taste of Italy to you.

Coffee to top it off

Top off your basket’s food with some fresh Italian coffee. Most Italian gift baskets contain a huge selection of coffee. Once again, you can choose your favorite. Cappuccino or espresso, why not? Some people even include a coffee maker.

The container and personalization

Last but not the least; ensure that you have a container to match. Opt for something subtle, perhaps one made out of wicker. And don’t forget to add a note to give it that personal touch!